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Trive (v) from old Norse thrífa:                     to grasp, grow and flourish

At Trive, we use our unique and broad expertise in Culture and Change to help your business prosper and grow in ways you may never thought possible. Our customized roadmap gives you a distinct competitive advantage, and we help you take active leadership by developing an effective strategy playbook, strong leadership, productive culture, and sustainable growth.

While others talk about the value of having a good and effective corporate culture, we show you how to make it happen.

We implement clear and effective strategy roadmaps customized to your particular business, culture, and industry. With focus on business profitability, on-the-job skill development, effective teamwork, and meaningful results, we help you deliver a more effective and resilient culture, higher engagement, improved productivity, and a thriving, well-functioning organization. We help you plan, execute, and get it all done from start to finish.

So why trust Trive? We have been studying culture and guiding organizations for 20 years across the US, Europe, Asia and in the Scandinavian countries. We understand organizations, leadership, the workplace, and how to get business done. We have the expertise to help you get ahead of the competition and revitalize leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture. Not with talk and endless consulting, but by partnering with you to change how people work, collaborate, succeed, and get results.

We believe that all people can be productive team members, and that they come to work to do a good job with meaningful results. We all have a shared responsibility for making each person successful in their role and position.

Just imagine what your team could do in a thriving, productive environment with high levels of trust, accountability, clarity, and engagement. How much time and money would that save you and your business? And more importantly, with positive change, there will be positive results that will improve your bottom line.

We provide a structured approach to improving organizational health and measure success with the Trive Factor, focusing on proven key performance indicators:

Human Behaviors

  • Trust and psychological safety
  • Healthy friction
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Organizational Results

Strategic Leadership

  • Why we exist
  • How we behave
  • What we do
  • How we succeed
  • What is most important, right now
  • Who must do what

Talent Processes

  • Talent strategy
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Meetings
  • Human Resources
    • Sourcing and hiring
    • Onboarding
    • Learning and development
    • Compensation and rewards
    • Performance management

Systems Alignment

  • Operations/HR/IT
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing/CX/EX

We are Trive

Established in 2012, Trive Culture has a proven track record of providing confidential and trusted business consulting and facilitation. We are the only provider in the region with a background in cultural anthropology and more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, business consulting, organizational design, team optimization and talent development.

With our passion for building healthy organizations and great places to work, we offer strategic planning, organizational design and development, executive coaching, leadership development, employee relations, performance and talent management, communication, and conflict resolution. We have used our knowledge to help organizations in a variety of industries, including financial, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, distribution, consumer goods, energy, education, healthcare, government, non-profit, and administrative services.


Trive | Trive
Trive | Trive

We bring the Trive Factor to your business

The Trive Factor is a measure of organizational culture and health. Organizations with a high Trive Factor have a strong culture with strategic clarity, broad alignment, shared resolve, and required resources to reach and surpass organizational goals.

While being naturally agile and open to change, a high Trive Factor also eliminates the politics, drama, and confusion that often mar competitors. As a result, productivity, morale, and profitability soar, and good people rarely leave.

A healthy organization has the following characteristics:

  • People work in a safe atmosphere with a high level of trust
  • People fully engage in collaboration and decision making
  • People commit to decisions and shared accountability
  • There is a clear, short and concise strategy playbook, adopted by all
  • Learning, fun, creativity, exploration and failure is part of the job
  • Managers and leaders learn, coach and teach people on and off their teams
  • There is a shared rational for strategy, processes and human systems

Building a healthy organization begins with a broad commitment to change from executive leadership. If the leadership team is not ready to take charge of behaviors and outcomes, it will be difficult to ask others to do the same. Meaningful change and productivity gains take work, courage, and a broad commitment to growth.

Conditions will never be “Perfect” for Change. It all starts with one small step, so let’s connect!