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We provide all you need to simplify your organizational leadership and get better results. Think bigger, beyond limitations. We have the expertise, roadmaps and tools. Customized to fit your business, people and goals.

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Simplify Learning

Traditional training is not effective in driving organizational results.

Trive helps you save time, money and frustration while integrating development with daily work. Simplify training while improving performance and results.

Optimize Culture

Is your existing culture helping your business or holding you back?

Trive helps you develop a unique culture and leadership, with a focus on bottom-line results. Turn  your culture into the optimal competitive advantage.

Trive (v) from Norwegian: to grasp, grow and flourish

Better Culture

Better Results

We are experts on organizational culture, strategy, engagement and leadership. 
We help you simplify and align mindsets, behaviors and systems with organizational priorities.
In a fast-moving world, you will grow and flourish where others come up short.

Strategic Playbook

Strong Leadership

Positive Culture

Healthy Growth

Clear Communication

High Engagement



With our full suite of professional assessments, courses, peer groups, workshops and action plans, we help you develop a learning culture that supports your business.


The workplace is changing fast and requires new and better ways to develop skilled, aligned and responsible leaders on every level of your organization.


We provide a proven roadmap to align people, systems, processes and goals with strategic business goals for increased resilience and unprecedented results.


Build awareness around current behaviors, provide skills and motivation to change, and improve how people work together, support eachother, and get results.

Why Trive?

You know how to run your business.

We help you simplify it and get better results.

We provide simple roadmaps and tools, customized to your business, culture, and industry. We help you develop the internal expertise needed to implement and sustain a more effective and resilient culture, higher engagement, improved productivity, and a thriving, well-functioning organization.

Through our collaborative approach, we help you plan, develop, implement, execute, and get it all done from start to finish.

Successful Organization

A successful organization has the shared direction needed to focus on what is important, adapt quickly and drive toward common goals. It has all but eliminated the politics, drama, and confusion that often mar its competitors. As a result, productivity, morale, and profitability soar, people work together and defend the reputation of the business, customer experience improves, and good people rarely leave.

Deliver On Goals

We get to know your business, your people, and your organization. We are experts on culture, employee relations, skills, and behavior, and what has worked for others in your situation. Our expertise helps you take a fresh look at how people lead and work, moving your business forward and achieving measurable improvement, a better workplace, and increased profitability.

Innovate And Evolve Your Business

We are incurably curious and devoted to helping people and organizations get together, focus, innovate and get results. We are your trusted advisors and business partners with professional services and solutions every step of the way, from assessment and development to successful implementation, evaluation and celebration.

There When You Need Us

As your trusted business partner, we are never more than a phone call, email, or text away. We bring a can-do perspective, in-depth expertise, broad experience, and practical solutions that will help you define a strategic roadmap, reach your goals, and operate to the full potential of your people and business.

Get Results

We provide the roadmaps, tools and professional expertise you need to develop your people, their talents and contributions. Employees are your greatest resources and assets. How much does it cost to lose one of your best team members, or to be unable to find or retain the talent that fits with your business and culture? What is the impact of internal conflict, lack of direction, or loss of productivity within your team? Could there be a potential impact on your customers, employee engagement, productivity, or company revenue? Instead of constantly having to react to challenges, we provide proven solutions to help you avoid and manage risks to your business and results.

We have been guiding organizations for 20 years across the US, Europe, and in the Scandinavian countries. We understand organizational culture, leadership, how people learn and change, and how to get business done. We have the expertise to help you get ahead of the competition and to revitalize your leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture. Not with talk, but by making real changes to how people work, collaborate, and get results.


Trive Learning

Trive Learning is an innovative, skill-based learning solution for leaders and organizations seeking to build a thriving, productive, and positive workplace at a fraction of the cost, time, and administration of traditional training.

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We help organizations simplify and improve how people work together and get better results.

“People come to work to be productive and do a good job with meaningful results. You and I have a shared responsibility to make that happen!

Can you imagine what your team could do in a thriving, productive environment with high levels of trust, accountability, clarity, and engagement? 

How much time and money would that save you and your business? And more importantly, with positive change, there will be positive results that improve your bottom line.”  Ole Rygg, Founder


Building a better workplace begins with you. Make a difference.